POSTPUNCHER is the safest post driver in the market!

Post Puncher
  • POSTPUNCHER is the only fully enclosed post driver reducing workplace hazards.
  • With POSTPUNCHER, it's impossible for bystanders or workers to be injured from falling hammer when operated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • POST PUNCHER'S unique safety collar stops driving weight, becoming free of machine.
  • Its front end is mounted to support full vision of post.
  • You can operate POSTPUNCHER from the protection of your cab, where there's less chance of injury.
  • The POSTPUNCHER limits reversing on the job.
  • What makes POSTPUNCHER safe is its bright steel driving weight enclosed in a steel tube to allow safe operation in any conditions and a forward mount capability.

POSTPUNCHER is the most versatile post driver in the market!

Post Puncher Post Puncher Post Puncher Post Puncher
  • Post PuncherPOSTPUNCHER is the most versatile, effective and durable post driver in the world.
  • The POSTPUNCHER range has been designed with a number of ground-breaking features. It can be fitted to any tractor, front end loader, telehandler, excavator, skid steer or back hoe.
  • POSTPUNCHER allows operators to drive posts in angles of 45 degrees and upwards.
  • POSTPUNCHER is incredibly versatile and robust.
  • POSTPUNCHER is operable on slopes, in bush over hedges or existing fences, on river banks and over ditches.
  • POSTPUNCHER has the versatility and ability to drive a post where you struggle to walk. Unlike other post drivers, it works easily in difficult terrain.
  • It can drive any length post, on any angle with no height restrictions.
  • This makes POSTPUNCHER the most efficient post driver on the market as you don't leave your seat.
  • POSTPUNCHER can be transported unattached and connected on site. Also easy to connect and remove from existing machinery.
  • There is no need for a dedicated parent machine when you operate POSTPUNCHER.

POSTPUNCHER is the most cost-effective post driver in the market.

Post Puncher
  •   POSTPUNCHER has a thorough overall efficiency and reduced capital outlay compared
      to traditional rear mounted post driving implements.

Model Suits your Machine
Model Out Tube Inside Tube Post size Hammer weight Tube length Overall weight
PP1 215.7mm 203mm 200mm 65kg 1500mm 140kg
PP2M 245mm 230mm 230mm 85kg 1500mm 175kg
PP2 245mm 230mm 230mm 110kg 2000mm 210kg
PP3 318mm 306mm 306mm 200kg 2300mm 385kg
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